Recruitment Solutions

Ascent is the preferred choice HR vendor for recruitment solutions for large number of clients across India. We have provided innovative and Superior Recruitment Services to over 100+ clients since our inception.

We are fulfilling the Talent requirements of start-ups to well-established brands, we cover entry level to senior level positions with ease that will surprise and delight you as well.

We adopt a personalized approach with direct engagements resulting in faster selection of quality candidates. With clear communication and timelines, we deliver what we promise. Our team has solid experience and access to customized and industry-specific networks.

Our Strategy

  • Effectively managing the entire recruitment needs of the client and offer best sourcing to stay fiercely competitive.
  • Working in liaison with client’s managers, analyze needs and devise strategies & selection procedures.
  • Offering an excellent team of professionals with impeccable skill expertise to meet all divergent hiring consultancy needs.
  • Providing good tailor-made concrete solutions to streamline recruitment process curtail cost per hiring and lower joining time.
  • Offering an exclusive team of professionals with unsurpassed expertise for all the varied recruitment consultancy needs.

Our Partner

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